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We are interdisciplinary zealots dedicated to blending creativity and code, philanthropy and commerce. Each of us is equal parts nonprofit patron, arts nerd, and tech junkie. We love what we do, and we love what our clients stand for. We are collaborative, inventive, inspired.

Meet the Team


Some of us suspect Kory is part robot, but since we rightfully fear robots, we're afraid to ask him if it's true. A real genius and clean code devotee, he drives FORM's programming and makes magic of the web. He's also one heck of a baker, guitar player and Apple junkie. He owns a bacon-scented air freshener and microwaveable pasta boat. He is digitizing his entire DVD collection (he's up to the Gs). There is enough music in Kory's iTunes library to provide astronauts a non-stop soundtrack for 9.3 round trips to the Moon.


Her great grandfather painted backdrops for the opera houses of Europe; her dad is a musicologist; her mother is an abstract painter. It’s no wonder Ceci has dedicated her career to arts marketing. A passionate workaholic and mom to both small humans and mini schnauzers, Ceci’s favorite pastime is “a quiet moment with a glass of wine.” Named after the patron saint of music, she is a former classical singer with a penchant for pants roles and Bach cantatas. She might be the shortest FORMie, but she isn’t afraid to engage in a studio scrap over Star Trek vs. Star Wars.


A wizardly mix of app programmer and mad scientist, Ken writes Objective-C like it's his first language. A trained electrical engineer, he's a Kandinsky with a soldering iron and at this very moment, probably has a diode in his pocket. He once owned a vinyl album collection the size of a cargo trailer. In sixth grade, he souped-up his alarm clock so it pulled a string attached to his pillow. Though the feasibility assessment of the PillowPuller™ was doomed, today Ken holds two patents for his display technology inventions.


Michael is a man of few words and many board games (150, to be exact). He is a proficient hackeysack-er and skilled MIG welder. He does not recommend sleeping in a 2004 Ford Taurus before running a full marathon. He keeps a mysterious black bird on his desk, is a proud descendant of Johnny Appleseed and likes dogs that are named after pastries.


Ashleigh tells us that, though deep fried worms taste like potato chips, her favorite food is frosting. A dedicated saxophonist, she has performed a halftime routine wearing only one shoe. When she’s not writing code, she's quarterbacking, scrap booking or playing Led Zeppelin on her Fender Cyclone. Though she was once mistakenly detained for grand theft auto, she is the proud and legally titled owner of a vintage Geo Metro. She’s a big fan of baking, bottle caps and classic horror films.


Though confused by long division and cooking, Teresa can ideate, illustrate and envisage like nobody's business. She is a trained silversmith and studio jeweler and pines for hammers like most girls pine for shoes. She once met Pink Floyd, counted 17 shooting stars over the Colorado River, and was seriously injured by a pot pie. When she's not electroetching silver in cupric nitrate she can be found wandering in Utah, smelling old books, listening to Bach, and spooning with her Boston Terrier, Hugo.


Despite his perpetually gentle demeanor, David is a former professional boxer who once garnered the title of Cleveland Golden Gloves Lightweight Champion. He loves Edward Hopper, 90s English emo and his sheep dog, Wesley. When he’s not running triathlons or dodging wild mustangs in the Arizona desert, he can be found whistling, raising goats and antiquing. He claims he brought his harmonica to FORM because it’s cool, but we suspect it’s really because his family asked him not to play it at home.


Josh is one of the few people we know who has lived in a shipping container. On purpose. Twice. When he's not ogling a font or designing something beautiful, he sometimes studies design in Frankfurt or helps nonprofits dig wells in Africa. His doodling and handwriting are so geometrically perfect, some say he uses The Force to conjure it. He is the tallest FORMie, which comes in handy when retrieving Kory's errant Nerf darts. He loves stuff like outer space, red shoes, sriracha sauce and Tycho.


As a child, Hannah was a noted marker artist, 4th chair trumpeter and passionate porcelain cat collector. She was often in trouble for talking in class and named her toys with only adjectives. Studying in Europe, Hannah found that DaVinci’s Annunciation is larger in real life and that identifying shower gel from hand lotion is tricky when you can’t read Italian. She enjoys live concerts, cafe mocha, and carving elaborate designs into pumpkins. Except for the Harry Potter logo. Because come on, the letter “P” is so hard to carve into a pumpkin.


Steve is a supersmart, mostly pleasant guy with a penchant for sardonic vinyl toys and Diet Coke. He's an ardent music lover, and though his recent tastes skew toward post-modern shoegaze, he once willingly attended an Air Supply concert. It is rumored that he has quite a high IQ, which is plausible but unconfirmed by MENSA. Ever plagued by the notion that his brother is funnier and more popular, Steve is a lifelong overachiever. A serial early adopter, he is so enamored with technology that, though surrounded by the latest gadgetry, can’t part with his robust laser disc collection.


Katelyn says the best of all chemistry constants is 6.02x10 to the 23rd power, and who are we to argue? A rare combination of mathematician, athlete, and artist, she holds a master’s degree in accountancy, runs marathons for fun, and plays the heck out of Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude for piano. When she’s not managing our production schedule, she enjoys walking her dog, reading tiny dictionaries and making lemon macaroons. She once broke a picnic table with her head and she's a fan of words, Warren Buffett, and the number 20,710.

Friday the 13th Part Three

Desktop Friday

An hour
to create.

The creative brainpower is palpable when the studio stops for Desktop Friday, an exercise designed to reset our creativity. A random topic. An hour to create. Who will crack under pressure? Who will lose it all in an epic crash? Who will go rogue and design in Play-Doh?

View Keyword, "Friday the 13th Part Three"

Someone Said

Overheard and out of context. Hang around with us long enough, and you might find something you said posted here, too:

Emotionally, my hands are in my pockets.

1-2-3 Cheeseburger Lane!

If you had a hot dog roller and went shopping for sausages, things might change.

No amount of money is worth your husband having a mustache.

You see that giant hot dog?

I just blew my nose in my notes.

Is that horse wearing shorts?

I'm going to pull out the Real Joe Pesci Hat.

I've been here before - I was looking for a baby!

It reminds me of an old calculator.

The wild cheeses grow aplenty here.

This is too helpful.

Salad's nasty.

It's like The Sixth Sense, but with tacos.

I feel like I just try too much sometimes.

I switched to the California Raisins pillowcase last night.

I think I'm gonna have to set something on fire.

400 pounds plus adrenaline, and I could flip a car, easy.

Remember when you threw décor at me?

Those stupid little pickles.

Something is wrong with the server.

I'm not giving my money to YouTube. YouTube is all horsey and gross.

Please ignore me collating behind you.

I'm gonna rock that perm!

It's like a clown car of drawers.

...And that is why you don't wear sandals to Blossom.

I bought a Chewbacca shirt but I keep forgetting to wear it.

It's too Skynrdy.

Our sponsors are our butter, our members are our bread.

Wait 'til I get this gas station food, then order in.

Have you heard about the whaler-pirate guy?

I can't juggle a fish, that's for sure.

It's like, the future.

My goal is to live until 2085.

What can I say? I have uncontrollable eyebrows.

Is this the collective smell of humanity?

I had a pencil sharpener shaped like a boat.

My middle toe went numb and I thought I had something in my shoe.

I'm bringing iFrames back.

I'm gonna make websites out of wood.

If the Long Island Medium were here, she'd freak out.

I'm sorry about the div.

It wasn't like that a minute ago.

Did you just raise the roof on jQuery?

'M', as in Machu Picchu.

Why is there a piece of cheese in my purse?

This knob makes me want to get drunk.

What don't you think should be converted into a fish tank?

IE is the DMV of the Internet.

That's just how I like my mugs: Cheap and Swiss.

I want a corn dog scented candle.

Rhinos are a big deal.

It doesn't work in Safari.

This is not your grandmother's website!

Is hot dog one word or two?

I'm not at a place in my heart where I can eat a bear.

Look at the eyes on that Red-Legged Honeycreeper!

Teresa, you haven't given me an answer, you've only given me s*!%.

Well, we have mustaches upstairs.

PBS is very : colon-y.

It was working a minute ago.

This tastes like Steve's car.

Look at his bag of hot dog boxes on the floor!

There's wine on your motherboard.

That's why I don't eat it out of a can; I eat it out of a bag.

It's a torsional thing.

Move. You're where my Diet Coke goes.

I'm going to look up thesaurus in the dictionary.

Beige is not a color.

Location ID = 23 Bread Bowl = False (AKA: The Breadbowl Module is Broken.)

Lower case "m" is the best letter.

How would you get DNA from Elvis?

Eating peaches with a spoon sucks.

It's like Top Chef, but with vodka.

Squirrels don't have pants.

It's like a pair of pants, for your car.

Let's see, so the chicken goes in the middle...

Is that a convertible hearse?

Facebook's telling me I'm fat.

I want the whole tomato.

Are we going to a place I can wear slippers?


I don't want to chase the red sweater. I just want to buy the red sweater.

I mean, how much Jeff Bridges can you have in one movie?

I'd go to a goat rodeo.

I said something about sausage, but I don't remember what it was.

This phone call is messing up my hair.

I’m getting a full-on chest plate tattoo of FORM riding on the back of a magical unicorn to show my appreciation.

That horse looks like Burt Russel Crowe.

Then I thought, why not just make it Helvetica?

Whoa! That's the monkey!

There's a lot of outer space.

Can I be Josh for Halloween?

This sushi is quite delicious. If you like the taste of death.

You wanna do hot dogs Friday?

I had some chicken wings in my car that I was going to give you. 

An ice cream truck drove through this design.

That's why I'm walking away while you look at pictures of Rob Van Dam.

Come and get it, Sammy Hagar!

I know how I like my files: Large.

I got this whole thing of Silly Putty stuck on my sleeve.

There is no reason for Bob Evans.

My version of a beard is a hat.

I just smelled fries in my head.

It's like if I had muscles but with quarters.

Your sweat smells like Dolce & Gabbana.

If this were a book, I would totally read it.

How much bread would it take to feed a scorpion for a week?

It works!

I am the ghost of Tractor Supply Company. (spooky voice)

I can still smell Steve.

I'm thinking like four, maybe five steps ahead of you.

Steve's probably listening to Fiona Apple.

Acknowledge my math!

It's dark and gloomy with zombies, but I think I'll keep my sunglasses on.

No, YOU need megadoses of vitamin D.

I can't wait to put that sum@*$#& on a T-shirt!

(with sadness) I hate Internet Explorer.

It's like, the Jedi.

It's too sausagy.

I've been to New Jersey?

You're always picked last and your pasta smells.

There are four purses in my purse.

Your hat smells like bologna.

We have flippage!

I'm no stranger to a rotten banana.

I just keep making ears by accident.

It's not urgent, aside from the building being on fire.

Her abs look like a turtle shell.

Activate the chicken!

But, Saul Bass already used all the good shapes.

You reach into your heart and pull out a potholder.

Was that Rod Stewart?

I'm sorry I'm not a sock connoisseur.

I wish I could draw RoboCop.

I've never had much luck with rabbits.

It's like, I read books, but I also party.

C'mon. Lemme see your turkey burgers.

The donut button isn't working.

It'll be in the Someone Said that's in your heart.

I don't know who you think you are, coming up in here with a taco.

How am I supposed to get through my workday when I have to take care of all these tiny people in my phone?

I've looked at that alpaca all day.

You do seem like the type of guy who'd drink pickle juice.

I'm sitting down here with Hot Popcorn Hands.

Must. Resist. Cacao.

No cults or dying, please. It's Friday.

These people drive like animals.

I don't like wearing pants.

I'm just not used to Kory wearing pants.

Those weren't professional quality mustaches.

All caps, all the time.

Can you Swissify it?

Helvetica Light makes me think you're lying.

You can't ship pickles.

I don't foresee whales having cell phones.

I wanna smell how cold it is.

Why'd you put me out like that about the Lion King?

It looks, feels, and smells great!

What's that band? 100 Haircuts?

Oh, sorry! I'll just rewrite the Web.

I'm programming in my head.

Beige is not an image.

The meatball machine is broken.

It's like an easy bake oven for adults who like chicken.

You just have to hope for the best until it doesn't happen.

I can tell by the look on your face that you're not going to be of any help.

I don't think real cowboys do this much ironing.

It's a pickle wearing a cape; I think it's self-explanatory.

Steve, you should come look at these sandwich pictures.

No. They don't have have budget for robots.

You're the Sherlock Holmes of the digital age.

Never get into a fistfight with a puppeteer.

It's broken.

In Belgium, there's a tax for things that are too multitasky.

I was working, until I got distracted by this Madonna song.

They're switchin' browsers and clearin' cookies!

It's like a statue of my dog with a mustache on it.

Don't come at me with your popcorn problems.

Fancy code is the only kind I write.

I've never seen the 80s.

Batteries? Seriously? What is this, 1985?

I'm trying to use your design elements but I'm not sure I like them.

I don't want this bacon on here any more.

It doesn't work in IE.

Did you say "jQuery" or "Katie Perry"?

I'm wing-dingin' it.

[referring to welding] One time I set myself on fire.

Murderer at nine o'clock!

It's too Skittly.

They'll do anything for a ribbon and a hamburger.

He's magic. He's practically a leprechaun.

Entertainment Tonight is where dreams go to die.

Steve, let's go somewhere, just you and me.

Gettin' mean... in a nice way.

Always cut toward your innards.

Try not to make it too caskety.

A person can be positive AND inappropriate.

Are pigs becoming extinct?

You can't out-do the fish with sneakers.

The air doesn't taste like pancakes!

If it's not moist, I'm not interested in having it thrown on my desk.

It should be a little Burt Reynolds.

Well. I guess we're having stock photos for lunch.

I'd try human. (on the topic of cannibalism)

Sassy Cap'n McBeef O'Brady

I can handle a lot of Jeff Bridges in one movie.

I don't recall there being an h in leprechaun.

Internet Explorer is ruining this.