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We are interdisciplinary zealots dedicated to blending creativity and code, philanthropy and commerce. Each of us is equal parts nonprofit patron, arts nerd, and tech junkie. We love what we do, and we love what our clients stand for. We are collaborative, inventive, inspired.

Meet the Team


As a child, Hannah was a noted marker artist, 4th chair trumpeter, and passionate porcelain cat collector. She was often in trouble for talking in class and named her toys with only adjectives. Studying in Europe, Hannah found that DaVinci’s Annunciation is larger in real life and that identifying shower gel from hand lotion is tricky when you can’t read Italian. When she's not designing for FORM, she enjoys live concerts, cafe mocha, and carving elaborate designs into pumpkins. Except for the Harry Potter logo. Because, come on, the letter “P” is so hard to carve into a pumpkin.


Ashleigh tells us that, though deep-fried worms taste like potato chips, her favorite food is frosting. A dedicated saxophonist, she has performed a halftime routine wearing only one shoe. When she’s not writing code, she's quarterbacking, scrapbooking, or playing Led Zeppelin on her Fender Cyclone. Though she was once mistakenly detained for grand theft auto, she is the proud and legally titled owner of a vintage Geo Metro. She’s a big fan of baking, bottle caps, and classic horror films.


Some of us suspect Kory is part robot, but since we rightfully fear robots, we're afraid to ask him if it's true. A real genius and clean code devotee, he guides FORM's programming team and makes magic of the web. He's also one heck of a baker, guitar player and Apple junkie. He owns a bacon-scented air freshener and microwaveable pasta boat. He is digitizing his entire DVD collection (he's up to the Gs). There is enough music in Kory's iTunes library to provide astronauts a non-stop soundtrack for 9.3 trips to the Moon.


When Emily isn't managing our projects, she's busy neglecting house plants, sketching ex-boyfriends' cars, and crushing on Monty Don. She tries to grow vegetables and has eaten 730 cupcakes. A creative spirit and self-described lovey-person, Emily is a big fan of romcoms and keeps a hand-drawn record of all the flowers her husband has ever given her. She knows how to collect honey from bees, can make a perfect frosting curlicue while grudgingly dancing to Pitbull, and has a knack for finding the most inconvenient Airbnbs.


As a child, Rachel admired the knife skills of Jacques Pépin. Today, she enjoys inventing new taco toppings and putting Old Bay on everything. She became a master of the bassoon because of her distaste for saxophones, and eventually performed Verdi’s Requiem for a PBS documentary in Prague. When she's not connecting with FORM clients, she sometimes makes eyeless hand puppets, prays to St. Anthony for her lost Roku remote, and plays Radiohead on the drums. She’s a big fan of public media, minimalism, and melancholia.


When she’s not helping our clients with web maintenance or digital marketing, Jessica can be found paddleboarding on Lake Erie, solo traveling in the wild, and thrifting for mid-century knick knacks. She plays funk on a purple Fender and her green thumb is so green, even her plants have plants. She never skips an opportunity to watch Pretty in Pink and she enjoys detailed plans, kitschy cookware, and a healthy frizzle sizzle.


Josh is one of the few people we know who has lived in a shipping container. On purpose. Twice. When he's not directing FORM's digital design or blushing about his pile of AIGA awards, he is probably communing with nature or learning to tie a fly. He once led a clandestine effort to poster Frankfurt with messages about healthy work-life-balance. His doodling and handwriting are so geometrically perfect that some say he uses The Force to conjure it. He is the second-tallest FORMie, which comes in handy when retrieving Kory's errant Nerf darts. He loves stuff like outer space, red shoes, sriracha sauce, and Tycho.


Steve is a supersmart, mostly pleasant guy with a penchant for sardonic vinyl toys and Diet Coke. He's an ardent music lover, and though his recent tastes skew toward post-modern shoegaze, he once willingly attended an Air Supply concert. It is rumored that he has quite a high IQ, which is plausible but unconfirmed by MENSA. A serial early adopter, he can’t bring himself to part with his robust laser disc collection. When he's not connecting with clients and guiding our developers, Steve is often skipping stones and building model rockets.


An avid athlete and outdoorswoman, Jessica’s favorite hobby is more hobbies. Hiker, painter, swimmer, actor, flutist, cat rescuer– she aims to kinda crush it with everything she tries. She loves Sichuan cuisine and has a designated color palette for all activities (Pantone 267 and 279 for climbing, obvs.) When she isn’t managing our digital marketing, Jessi might be drawing photorealistic zebras, accidentally camping on mountainsides, or loudly singing show tunes. She loves film and would read more books if she could do it while salsa dancing.


Katelyn says the best of all chemistry constants is 6.02x10 to the 23rd power, and who are we to argue? A rare combination of mathematician, athlete, and artist, she holds a master’s degree in accountancy, runs marathons for fun, and plays the heck out of Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude for piano. When Katelyn's not leading FORM's operations, she enjoys walking her dog, reading tiny dictionaries, and making lemon macaroons. She once broke a picnic table with her head and she's a fan of words, Warren Buffett, and the number 20,710.


Though confused by long division and cooking, Teresa can ideate and design like nobody's business. She is a goldsmith in her spare time and enjoys collecting fancy hammers. She once met all of Pink Floyd, counted 17 shooting stars, and was seriously injured by a pot pie. When she's not strategizing and guiding FORM's creative team, she is probably soldering something, trying to get to Utah, or sniffing old books. She likes Icelandic compositional ambient music and spooning with her boston terrier, Hugo.


Michael is a man of few words and many board games (150, to be exact). In addition to writing code for FORM, Michael is a proficient hackeysacker and skilled MIG welder. He does not recommend sleeping in a 2004 Ford Taurus before running a full marathon. He keeps a mysterious blackbird on his desk, is a proud descendant of Johnny Appleseed, and likes dogs named after fruit preserves.


Desktop Friday

An hour
to create.

The creative brainpower is palpable when the studio stops for Desktop Friday, an exercise designed to reset our creativity. A random topic. An hour to create. Who will crack under pressure? Who will lose it all in an epic crash? Who will go rogue and design in Play-Doh?

View Keyword, "Airport"

Someone Said

Overheard and out of context. Hang around with us long enough, and you might find something you said posted here, too:

Let's talk about donuts.

Then I thought, why not just make it Helvetica?

It's like, the future.

This knob makes me want to get drunk.

There is no reason for Bob Evans.

She’s like the Taylor Swift of silversmithing.

Oh, sorry! I'll just rewrite the Web.

I think what we should plan to do, is nothing.

I didn't want to spend $40 on a banana costume.

It's like a clown car of drawers.

...And that is why you don't wear sandals to Blossom.

I've never had much luck with rabbits.

IE is the DMV of the Internet.

Thankfully, Mercury in retrograde ends today.

It looks like a big dinosaur protecting a translucent bag of smaller dinosaurs

Oooh, it's propagating!

If this were a book, I would totally read it.

Beige is not a color.

I love mint-forward.

It's not urgent, aside from the building being on fire.

The conference template fills me with dread.

You reach into your heart and pull out a potholder.

I said something about sausage, but I don't remember what it was.

I don't want to chase the red sweater. I just want to buy the red sweater.

I need a more magical word for "practical."

No one is as f*#¥%#! good as Katelyn. She’s got two degrees.

It's too Skittly.

It's the web equivalent of a junk drawer.

There are no conifer trees in here.

It's like a new Tool album for me.

The hands are the face of the arm.

They have that dirty ketchup money.

Light the content candle!

Never get into a fistfight with a puppeteer.

All caps, all the time.

These zombies look like cauliflower.

I'd try human. (on the topic of cannibalism)

I can handle a lot of Jeff Bridges in one movie.

Stop counting the dents in my can of food.

I'm sitting down here with Hot Popcorn Hands.

C'mon. Lemme see your turkey burgers.

I switched to the California Raisins pillowcase last night.

There's wine on your motherboard.

It's a torsional thing.

It's like The Sixth Sense, but with tacos.

The 80's called and they want their wine back.

Gettin' mean... in a nice way.

I found Pickle Doritos at a rest stop.

Wait 'til I get this gas station food, then order in.

Beige is not an image.

My middle toe went numb and I thought I had something in my shoe.

I mean, how much Jeff Bridges can you have in one movie?

This phone call is messing up my hair.

You just have to hope for the best until it doesn't happen.

No amount of money is worth your husband having a mustache.

I had a pencil sharpener shaped like a boat.

Rhinos are a big deal.

What's that band? 100 Haircuts?

A person can be positive, AND also inappropriate.

It doesn't work in IE.

Are we going to a place I can wear slippers?

Was that Rod Stewart?

I wanna smell how cold it is.

Must. Resist. Cacao.

I'll die if I smell like a hamster.

You can't ship pickles.

Is this the collective smell of humanity?

I just had an Emeril moment.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of harvester to use for canola.

I try not to have too many hobbies.

An ice cream truck drove through this design.

I can't solve a three-year-old's bee jokes.

My goal is to live until 2085.

I'm out here changing the Internet.

It's like an easy bake oven for adults who like chicken.

How am I supposed to get through my workday when I have to take care of all these tiny people in my phone?

Check your email before you put your pants on.

No cults or dying, please. It's Friday.

Your hat smells like bologna.

Location ID = 23 Bread Bowl = False (AKA: The Breadbowl Module is Broken.)

That's why I'm walking away while you look at pictures of Rob Van Dam.

These people drive like animals.

Dark Mode is ruining my life.

It's what's for dinner.

We have flippage!

Every time she raises her hand an egg dies.

What don't you think should be converted into a fish tank?

Move. You're where my Diet Coke goes.

Remember when you threw décor at me?

Always cut toward your innards.

You see that giant hot dog?

Please ignore me collating behind you.

Salad's nasty.

(on St. Patrick's Day) Happy Thanksgiving!

Settle down, Mailchimp.

I want a corn dog scented candle.

It wasn't like that a minute ago.

Steve's probably listening to Fiona Apple.

Why'd you put me out like that about the Lion King?

The Muppets are my Downton Abbey.

What can I say? I have uncontrollable eyebrows.

It's like Top Chef, but with vodka.

I can still smell Steve.

More bugs than expected. 4 stars.

That's a good lookin monkey.

Why'd you walk over here like Stone Cold Steve Austin?

I have an item of boot business to discuss.

I just blew my nose in my notes.

I think what we should probably do, is nothing.

This is not your grandmother's website!

It's broken.

You do seem like the type of guy who'd drink pickle juice.

I only got to Utah before I quit.

Batteries? Seriously? What is this, 1985?

Long story short... I'm a genius, and we don't need a new Roomba.

I can’t type expletives without the expletives.

Come and get it, Sammy Hagar!

You wanna do hot dogs Friday?

I've looked at that alpaca all day.

Emotionally, my hands are in my pockets.

I wish I could draw RoboCop.

It looks, feels, and smells great!

Did you just raise the roof on jQuery?

No. They don't have budget for robots.

It was like B-side Tony the Tiger.

Did I do that during the pandemic?

You look at your astronaut food. I'm gonna work.

One time I set myself on fire.

It's been two days since Monday.

If the Long Island Medium were here, she'd freak out.

They'll do anything for a ribbon and a hamburger.

Well, we have mustaches upstairs.

Can you bring your horse?

They should do Animal Crossing on the moon.

Entertainment Tonight is where dreams go to die.

It’s just weird that this is like a “walkin’-around” place.

I don't like the weather tellin' me what to do.

It doesn't work in Safari.

Oh I'm smart! I'm artificial!

It was working a minute ago.

Those stupid little pickles.

I'm gonna rock that perm!

I'm not giving my money to YouTube. YouTube is all horsey and gross.

I'm dealing with some very important kangaroo things right now.

You forgot the witch supplies!

In Belgium, there's a tax for things that are too multitasky.

Michael do you want something pumpkin-spiced?

The meatball machine is broken.

Teresa, you haven't given me an answer, you've only given me s*!%.

Well. I guess we're having stock photos for lunch.

Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it‘s Oppenheimer.

Like, the food kind, or the magical kind?

I'm bringing iFrames back.

Gonna write up the changes on a stone tablet like it's the Jurassic era.

Why is the llama-cam shaking?

Those weren't professional quality mustaches.

Helvetica Light makes me think you're lying.

It's dark and gloomy with zombies, but I think I'll keep my sunglasses on.

I bought a Chewbacca shirt but I keep forgetting to wear it.

You have some mustard on your forehead.

Cat-flavored ice cream?

That's why I don't eat it out of a can; I eat it out of a bag.

This tastes like Steve's car.

I just wanna eat this sandwich.

Are pigs becoming extinct?

Instructions unclear, I have peanut butter on my hands.

Murderer at nine o'clock!

I was working, until I got distracted by this Madonna song.

This is too helpful.

I had some chicken wings in my car that I was going to give you. 

Lower case "m" is the best letter.

They're like the seagulls of birds.

I'm trying to think of a more magical word for practical.

I'm sorry about the div.

Internet Explorer is ruining this.

I've never seen the 80s.

If it's not moist, I'm not interested in having it thrown on my desk.

Don't come at me with your popcorn problems.

Steve, let's go somewhere, just you and me.

They're switchin' browsers and clearin' cookies!

I've been thinking about that wolf tie.

That's just how I like my mugs: Cheap and Swiss.

I'm going to look up thesaurus in the dictionary.

I've been to New Jersey?

It works!

You should watch Labyrinth if you're into Muppets.

It reminds me of an old calculator.

This sushi is quite delicious. If you like the taste of death.

My whole life is a circular formula.

Sassy Cap'n McBeef O'Brady

Look at the eyes on that Red-Legged Honeycreeper!

Fancy code is the only kind I write.

I think I'm gonna have to set something on fire.

'M', as in Machu Picchu.

I'm sorry I'm not a sock connoisseur.

It's a pickle wearing a cape; I think it's self-explanatory.

How would you get DNA from Elvis?

Math is black.

I'm not trying to make my turnips rot you guys.

Please pray for Mrs. Haskel's tomatoes.

Make it extra-white. #GGGGGG

If you had a hot dog roller and went shopping for sausages, things might change.

I can turn my funks off.

I keep thinking about that wolf tie.

I'm gonna make websites out of wood.

A pickle chip got caught in the wheels of my chair.

Something is wrong with the server.

Your sweat smells like Dolce & Gabbana.

It's like, I read books, but I also party.

Let's see, so the chicken goes in the middle...

I don't know who you think you are, coming up in here with a taco.

What are these ribbons your horse keeps winning?

It's like if I had muscles but with quarters.

Who is Batman and The Drumstick?

It should be a little Burt Reynolds.

Try not to make it too caskety.

Can I be Josh for Halloween?

You're eating the chicken crust.

I would put that in Someone Said if it wasn't so disgusting.


Adam Driver is the Sarah Jessica Parker of men.

I once smuggled a Subway footlong in my sweatshirt pocket.

I hate Internet Explorer.

Is that horse wearing shorts?

I just keep making ears by accident.

The cats came with the man.

I’m getting a full-on chest plate tattoo of FORM riding on the back of a magical unicorn to show my appreciation.

I am the ghost of Tractor Supply Company.

There is no light, only Dark Mode.

Look at his bag of hot dog boxes on the floor!

Not wearing black is Emily's pink.

Our sponsors are our butter, our members are our bread.

PBS is very : colon-y.

How much bread would it take to feed a scorpion for a week?

I don't want this bacon on here any more.

I'd rather be Garamond than Papyrus.

I'm wing-dingin' it.

I'm no stranger to a rotten banana.

That horse looks like Burt Russel Crowe.

The wild cheeses grow aplenty here.

I'm trying to use your design elements but I'm not sure I like them.

Yeah I'm turtlin'!

I don't like wearing pants.

Her abs look like a turtle shell.

The air doesn't taste like pancakes!

I'm just not used to Kory wearing pants.

But, Saul Bass already used all the good shapes.

He's got an eyepatch sorta vibe.

The dog arrived before the paintings.

Steve, you should come look at these sandwich pictures.

It's too sausagy.

What is life if not just a series of great chairs?

I'm thinking like four, maybe five steps ahead of you.

Why is there a piece of cheese in my purse?

I don't foresee whales having cell phones.

It's too Skynrdy.

Pockets full of coffee.

It's like, the Jedi.

I got this whole thing of Silly Putty stuck on my sleeve.

I can tell by the look on your face that you're not going to be of any help.

I tried the peanut butter trick with Jelly before.

There's a lot of outer space.

Babies aren't supposed to look like Woody Harrelson.

My version of a beard is a hat.

A guy named Jerry has 20 watermelons in his truck.

I have a weird cheese story for you.

I don't recall there being an h in leprechaun.

You're the Sherlock Holmes of the digital age.

You can't out-do the fish with sneakers.

400 pounds plus adrenaline, and I could flip a car, easy.

It smells like the 80s.

Activate the chicken!

I'd go to a goat rodeo.

There are four purses in my purse.

Whoa! That's the monkey!

I'm not at a place in my heart where I can eat a bear.

I just smelled fries in my head.

I'm going to pull out the Real Joe Pesci Hat.

I feel like I just try too much sometimes.

I can't juggle a fish, that's for sure.

I can get behind an animal with a handlebar mustache.

1-2-3 Cheeseburger Lane!

I can't wait to put that on a T-shirt.

Is toe box one word or two?

Is that a convertible hearse?

I don't think real cowboys do this much ironing.

Facebook's telling me I'm fat.

No, *YOU* need megadoses of vitamin D.

I want the whole tomato.

It's like a statue of my dog with a mustache on it.

I can't wait to dance on the grave of that site.

I've been here before - I was looking for a baby!

There's a lot of dirt down here.

I'm programming in my head.

Can you Swissify it?

Also, they have a great toe box.

Did you say "jQuery" or "Katie Perry"?

The donut button isn't working.

I thought I was done with zombies.

It'll be in the Someone Said that's in your heart.

Have you heard about the whaler-pirate guy?

Eating peaches with a spoon stinks.

You're always picked last and your pasta smells.

It's like a pair of pants, for your car.

Acknowledge my math!

He's magic. He's practically a leprechaun.

Is hot dog one word or two?

Squirrels don't have pants.

What about ferrets? Ferrets are weird.

I know how I like my files: Large.

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