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Inspiring Seniors

We help residential senior center Menorah Park connect with families, build trust with seniors, and engage the community with our lively branding, print, and website design. Since the rollout of their brand and online presence, Menorah Park has enjoyed a dramatic increase in inquiries and leads.

Services Provided

  • Photography
  • Style Guide
  • Print Collateral + Stationery
  • Sub Brand Identities
  • Branding + Identity + Print
  • Web Strategy
  • Website Design + Development
  • Information Strategy
  • eCommerce
  • CMS, CRM
  • Maintenance + Tech Support
Inspiring Seniors

We used story telling, custom photography, and welcoming web design to convey the vibrant atmosphere of the Menorah Park campus. The natural and plentiful photography builds trust with families by allowing them to see inside the campus and experience "a day in the life" of the residents.

We filled the site with content that appeals to both families and residents including activity schedules, campus amenities, and services. Menorah Park staff updates their own website content and tracks inbound leads with an easy-to-use CMS/CRM. If they need technical support or additional functionality, our customer service team is always here to help.

Inspiring Seniors
Inspiring Seniors

We created new branding for Menorah Park that is both modern, trustworthy, and friendly. The logo design represents the flames of a menorah, and the shapes are arranged intentionally to create a sense of movement and energy. This energetic tone is critical to the organization's mission of creating an active atmoshphere for its residents. Learn more about how we approached the rebranding for Menorah Park here.

Inspiring Seniors

Friendly and Lively

Our fresh, friendly collateral design, stationery, style guide, and sub-branding solutions for the different residences of the Menorah Park campus enliven the organization’s image and gives each property a distinctive but cohesive look.

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