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Re-brand, website brings elder care into a new era

Menorah Park asked FORM to re-design their brand and online presence to better communicate their exceptional services, high quality of care, and vibrant campus lifestyle of its five residences.

One of the most substantial nursing home and assisted/independent living campuses in Ohio, Menorah Park is unique among its kind. It provides an exceptionally active environment in which seniors can engage rather than “slow down.”

Project Scope

Identity Design
Brand Guide
Stationery, Brochure, Magazine Design
Website Design (Information Strategy, Visual Design, Production)
Website Content Management System
Sub-brand Identity Design, Color Treatments + Stationery

An active logo for an active lifestyle

Because Menorah Park is a large institution with many disparate stakeholders, prospects, and clients, we knew the new logo would have to speak effectively to all of them. The existing logo had been in use for decades and was loved by many, but it was inherently difficult to reproduce and was not reflective of the vitality of this lively campus. And, the new mark must pay homage to the organization's Jewish heritage while not alienating prospective clients from various religious backgrounds – All of these factors made it especially important to design the new brand with sensitivity and care.

To arrive at the core concept behind the new logo, our design team spent a good deal of time researching the menorah as a symbol as well as its origin and meaning throughout history. This research led us to pursue a logo concept that would retain the spirit of the menorah while also holding universal appeal.

We designed the new mark with shapes reminiscent of menorah flames in a radiating configuration. The shapes were designed to virtually "move" with vitality. We incorporated a sense of air, used classic typography, and balanced the elements to create a tone of dignity, history, stability, and respectability to the identity. We reinvigorated the brand with an energetic cyan blue. The color, while significantly more vibrant than the previous branding, seemed like an evolution rather than a revolution, making it a comfortable transition for fans of the old logo.

Once this new identity was established, we went on to develop sub-branded treatments for the various residences on campus. Before the rebrand, each residence had its own identity, which caused confusion for prospective residents. We brought them together as a unified family of properties, using color to distinguish one from the other.

Another critical element of the rebranding was to help the organization build a library of professional photography. We guided photographers with art direction, tone and content notes to ensure the images shared a cohesive tone and focused on certain types of subject matter. Now equipped with an extensive index of imagery, the organization can easily use visual storytelling as a critical aspect of their branding.

Communicating excellence through the web

Our information strategy and overall visual design for the Menorah Park website was to create a welcoming, easy to navigate online presence. While this is always the goal of any web design, it was particularly critical for this client because their prospects and web visitors are often emotionally overwhelmed when they arrive at the site. We knew it would be essential to provide peace-of-mind for visitors by offering help and answers at every turn and relying heavily on photography to tell the story of Menorah Park's exceptional lifestyle and quality of care.

Often, large organizations develop something of a blind spot for telling their own story; they tend to organize their websites based on their internal structure, rather than one that makes sense to users. At Menorah Park, this problem was made more complicated because each group within the organization was accustomed to brand autonomy. So, to create a frictionless rebrand and web build, FORM worked closely with Menorah Park to guide their various groups through a structured dialogue that would help them embrace their role within the organization – rather than as an isolated organism.

The cohesive redesign and deployment of vibrant new branding, web and print materials marked a significant sea change for Menorah Park. Their donations, website leads, and visibility has dramatically improved.

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