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backUrsuline Sisters of Cleveland

Inspiring Donors

We are helping Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland explore new ways to use digital technology to engage donors for in-person fundraisers. This Kentucky Derby-themed donation game makes giving a bit more fun by allowing donors to compete against each other. When a group of donors swipes their credit card, each donor is assigned a horse. When all the donations are in, the horses race, yielding a random winner. This simple gamification of the donation experience creates excitement and encourages participation.

Services Provided

  • Online Donations + Ecommerce
  • Game Design
  • Digital Ideation + Prototyping
Inspiring Donors

Playful & Welcoming

Our original illustrations and game design create a welcoming and playful experience.

Gamified Giving

A fun attract loop, animation and sound effects engage donors and create a memorable, branded giving experience.

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