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Serving Members

The Mercantile Library has been a gathering place for readers, writers, and thinkers since 1835. Utterly unique in its atmosphere, mission, and programs, this not-your-mom's library asked us to reinvent their online presence. We worked with the Merc to develop an information flow and a modern design that is strategic, fun, and memorable.

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Services Provided

  • Content Strategy + Architecture
  • Website Design + Development
  • eCommerce
  • Customized CMS
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Responsive Design
Serving Members

Smart, not stuffy.

True to The Merc's nature, the site doesn't take itself too seriously. We incorporated fun icons and helpful prompts throughout, with a light-hearted balance of bookish notes and humor.

A focus on Goals

We've structured the site with underlying funnels and calls-to-action that guide visitors to content that aligns with the Merc's goals. Behind the scenes, we created customized content management tools for the library staff; it's tailored to their needs and workflows, so editing content, enrolling members, and adding events is frictionless and fast.

It's in the details

We left no detail undesigned in creating The Merc's digital presence. We set out to craft an online space that feels almost as cozy and storied as the library itself– and our tidy, one-tap menu design is clean, organized, and easy to use, too.

Sophisticated Integrations

Our development team built sophisticated integrations into the site so it automatically pulls content from the Merc's third-party book database.

new + old

Striking a beautiful balance between new and old, bold and warm, comfortable and unexpected, the website visuals capture an engaging tone. Without sacrificing usability and function, this immersive website invites visitors to explore, join, and give at every turn.

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