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backLAND studio

Enriching Citizens

We help LAND studio fulfill their mission to connect people through public art. Our web design helps LAND easily share the results of their work, tell their story, and appeal to donors in a highly visual way. Our branding and print design creates a vibrant overall tone for the organization.

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Services Provided

  • Website Design + Development
  • CMS, CRM
  • Responsive Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Branding + Identity + Print
  • Information Architecture
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Print Collateral + Stationery
  • Logo Design
  • Maintenance + Tech Support
Enriching Citizens

Edge-to-Edge Projects

Our immersive website design and information strategy guides users through LAND's archive of projects and moves them to donate.

Enriching Citizens

Vibrant Branding

Vibrant branding and print design portray the forward-thinking, positive vision of the organization.

Enriching Citizens
Enriching Citizens
Enriching Citizens

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