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backLake View Cemetery

Preserving History

We help Lake View Cemetery elevate its position as a significant cultural landmark, historic burial ground, and contemporary place of interment through branding and print design. Our logo, brand guide, and comprehensive suite of print collateral conveys the beauty and national standing of this 200-acre, 150-year-old cemetery.

Services Provided

  • Branding + Identity + Print
  • Creative + Art Direction
  • Environmental Signage
  • Photo Shoot + Art Direction
  • Print Collateral + Stationery
  • Style Guide
  • Logo Design
Preserving History

A Nod to the Times

Our logo design for Lake View Cemetery was inspired by a combination of the Cemetery's popular "Daffodil Hill" and the architectural ornaments of the master Italian stone carvers responsible for many of the Cemetery's most recognizable monuments. We aimed to create a timeless logo that is reminiscent of the past, a part of the present, and will remain relevent for generations to come.

Preserving History
Preserving History

We chose a soft color palette for the brand that reflects the peaceful atmosphere of the wooded landmark. Our series of printed collateral such as street pole banners, biannual magazine, and seasonal tourism guides carry the unified tone of the brand.

We created graphcial brand elements to enhance the new identity, such a the "daffodil lace," a distinctive pattern created by repeating the logo. This pattern brings a vintage nod to the era in which the grounds were built while also serving as a contemporary embellishment.

Preserving History

We were overdue to express a timeless brand rooted in tradition yet open, active and modern. FORM helped us create a misperception-busting identity that has been measurably embraced by our constituencies.”

Kathy Goss President + CEO

Preserving History

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