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Conveying Hope

We help Jesuit Retreat Center fulfill its mission to help people find hope, meaning, and direction through reflection and prayer. We designed a suite of identity, print, and web that portrays the atmosphere of the center to prospective patrons. Our powerful web tools and CMS have eliminated much of the administrative workload of the Center staff.

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Services Provided

  • Website Design + Development
  • CMS, CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Information Architecture
  • Logo Design

The Jesuit Retreat Center is a wooded oasis within a city. We designed the website with immersive imagery and ample white space to portray this atmosphere of peace.

The JRC staff updates their own content with our LUCY CMS/CRM, and if they need technical support or additional functionality, our customer service and development team is always here to help.

Conveying Hope

Our logo and identity system for the Center combines light and airy lines with cool, comforting colors reminscent of the shade beneath a tree canopy. This thoughtful identity expresses a nurturing and professional feel that builds trust with new patrons.

Conveying Hope

Less Work, More Leads

The Center has enjoyed a significant increase in enrollment and leads since our site launched. Our LUCY CMS has significantly reduced the administrative burden of managing bookings and reservations for the Center, too.

Conveying HopeConveying Hope