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backHitchcock Center for Women

Overcoming Addiction

Hitchcock Center provides addiction treatment for underserved women. Unique in the nation, the center welcomes moms and their kids into their care. As it grows and prepares to move to a new facility, the Center asked us to reinvent its brand with modern messaging, strategic brand positioning, and a distinctive visual identity.

Services Provided

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Narrative + Positioning
  • Identity Design
  • Brand + Style Guides
  • Naming
Overcoming Addiction

Our creative team developed a brand strategy that focusses on the center's key differentiators. From in-depth audience personas to brand positioning, key messaging, and tone, our approach was informed by the center's unique strategic plan, growth goals, and needs.

Our biggest 'ah-ha' was how the Personas [FORM created] moved us forward with our target audience. We are transitioning everything to the new logo and have had such a wonderful response.”

Hitchcock Center for Women

We developed a logo for the center that captures a spirit of empathy, energy, community, and family. Inspired by insights revealed in our guided discovery process, our logo portrays the center's far-reaching positive "ripple" effect on the community.

We selected a palette of colors for the brand that is reminiscent of comfort, warmth, and home. The swatches were designed to allow for a range of combinations that can create different looks – from quiet and introspective to bold and strong. Together with a curated set of fonts, visual elements, and handwritten accents, we built a powerful and easy to use identity system.

From communications to brand visuals, our rebrand for Hitchcock Center provides the concepts, guidelines, and tools that ensure a cohesive and impactful brand presence for years to come.

Overcoming Addiction

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