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Expressing Need

We use creative visualization, storytelling, and crowd-funding to inspire donors and volunteers to support the Greater Cleveland Food Bank online. Our website for the Food Bank is designed to provide quick access for those who are in need, and those who want to give. Food Bank staff can update their own content with our LUCY CMS/CRM. If they need technical support or additional functionality, our customer service and development team is always here to help.

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Services Provided

  • CMS, CRM
  • Website Design + Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Crowd Funding
  • Photo Shoot
  • 3rd Party Integration
Expressing Need

Visualizing Impact

Our interactive donation page visually demonstrates the exponential power of increasing a gift, even by small increments. Clicking to increase the donation causes an animation to increase the quantity of food on the screen; this visual portrayal helps encourage patrons to envision the impact of increasing their donation. 

Our crowd-sourced online food drives deploy the power of social media to raise funds within online groups. 

Expressing Need

FORM helped the Greater Cleveland Food Bank create a visually-appealing and very user-friendly website. They designed a site that enables us to tell a story about what we do and who we serve. It has become a great tool to help us get our message out to the public.”

Karen Pozna, Director of Corporate and Public Relations

Expressing Need