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Great Lakes Theater aims to bring the pleasure, power, and relevance of classic theater to the widest possible audience. We redesigned the theater’s brand visuals and printed materials to elevate the theater’s overall image. Our interactive kiosk and strategic web design help the theatre reach more ticket buyers and donors. Our digital marketing ad campaigns yielded a 50% increase in impressions and a 49% increase in clicks.

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Services Provided

  • Brand Visuals
  • Print Collateral + Stationery
  • Content Strategy + Architecture
  • Website Design + Development
  • Customized CMS
  • Touchscreen Interactives
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics, Reporting + Consulting
  • Maintenance + Tech Support

We help engage the Theater's patrons onsite with our “Humbug Machine,” an interactive donation kiosk that features a digital Ebenezer Scrooge. The curmudgeon interacts with on-site patrons, encouraging them to deposit donations into the machine's receptacle. Donors are rewarded with delightful in-character responses from Scrooge. 

Serving Subscribers

We couldn’t be happier and remain impressed with FORM’s ongoing commitment. This company understands the long-term value and meaning of ‘partnership.'”

Todd Krispinsky Marketing and Public Relations Director

Serving Subscribers


Our digital marketing campaigns for GLT yield significant impacts on reach, impressions, clicks, and conversions. From researching and defining customized target audiences to crafting ad copy that captures the unique spirit and tone of each production, our team helps Great Lakes increase engagement with ticket buyers.


A color-coded, dynamic calendar helps visitors quickly find the events they're looking for and discover new ones. Plus, our content management system makes it easy for GLT staff to update the calendar and all of the site content.


We updated the Theater's identity and created a unique brand and color story that is immediately recognizable and sets them apart from competitors. We design the campaigns, show logos, digital and traditional signage, and print collateral for each new GLT season.

We developed a distinctive style and tone for the Theater's brand visuals and photography. The season campaign photos are extreme closeups; we designed them this way to capture the intimate quality of the space where the company performs. We art direct the season photography, too, to ensure the color tone consistently reflects the palette and temperature defined in the brand styles. 

Serving Subscribers
Serving Subscribers
Serving Subscribers
Serving Subscribers

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