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Retaining Members

We are helping the Cleveland Zoological Society engage with new patrons, retain members, and connect with the community with our strategic web, print, and new tech design.

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Services Provided

  • Website Design + Development
  • CMS, CRM
  • Interpretive Design
  • Touchscreen Interactives
  • Information Strategy
  • eCommerce
  • Branding + Identity + Print
  • Print Collateral + Stationery
Retaining Members

We designed a website for the CZS that is friendly and on-brand, and also developed a full suite of powerful custom backend tools. The Society uses our system for all of its member management, reporting, ticket sales, and website updates.

Retaining Members

A Powerful CRM

We designed CZS’s member magazine to carry the branding into print seamlessly, and our website and CMS/CRM empowers CZS staff to manage, track, and archive their patrons’ activities to provide better customer service.

Retaining MembersRetaining Members

FORM web sites look amazing, and the CMS is very user-friendly for administrators. We now have more repeat visitors to our site, and longer visits. People are coming back often to see what’s new. Plus, the FORM staff, while always being professional, are more like friends than colleagues.”

Elizabeth Thibodeaux, Cleveland Zoological Society