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backCleveland Rape Crisis Center

Promoting Prevention

We are helping the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center raise awareness and prevent sexual abuse for young people through a welcoming and dynamic web app. With an infinite scroll of social media-style content, teens and young adults learn important skills for recognizing and avoiding abuse.

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Services Provided

  • Visual Design
  • App Flow + Information Design
  • Web App Development
  • Digital Ideation + Prototyping
Promoting Prevention

Relationship quizzes, videos, images, quotes, memes, and emojis keep users engaged while helping them learn to evaluate risk and engage in self-care. The content is organized differently for different age groups; adults and older users are served longer format and text-based content first, whereas more visual and brief content is given first priority for younger audiences.

A friendly interface for sensitive topics

We structured the information and user interface of the app to emulate familiar visual conventions of social media apps. The visual design is light and friendly to remove some of the gravity and discomfort teens might experience while exploring such serious and painful topics.

Different ways to learn

Brief and immediate bursts of feedback keep audiences engaged. Polls are answered with emojis rather than long-form responses, and easy "yes/no" quizzes quickly draw users deeper into the content.

Endlessly Engaging

An endless variety of mix-and-match content allows users to organically explore topics and concerns in a variety of seamless ways, from tapping into a topic-based perpetual scroll or diving into their preferred media types such as quotes, quizzes, and videos.

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