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Drawing a Crowd

BLINK is the nation’s largest light, art, and projection mapping event. Sitting at the crossroads of innovative art and new technology, the multi-day experience transports and engages attendees. BLINK asked us to develop a dynamic website to help build excitement and drive attendance for this renowned multi-day event. Visual design, strategic flow, and sophisticated code combine to create a memorable and delightful online presence.

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Services Provided

  • Content Strategy + Architecture
  • Website Design + Development
  • eCommerce
  • Customized CMS

We created a site for BLINK that is visually engaging and highly functional. On the front end, our creative team achieved a balance of visual excitement and ease-of-use. Sophisticated animation and effects keep users clicking and scrolling. The end result is a memorable and lively digital experience that captures the energy and whimsey of the event itself.

Behind the scenes, we built a customized content management system that makes it fast for BLINK to keep the content fresh. Since the event takes place over several blocks with an array of events, we built a color-coded, custom map that makes it easy for attendees to plan their visit and find their way in real time.

We designed even the most highly functional areas of the website to create a compelling experience and incorporated features that encourage users to revisit and spend more time on the site.

The site automatically swaps on predetermined dates allowing BLINK to shift messaging and ROI goals as the event moves through different periods of activity – from early announcements to post-event thank yous.

Drawing a Crowd

Festivals are automatically archived for posterity, removing the burden of manual updates. We made sure the site is exciting and usable on mobile devices, too. With a fun user interface and clean responsive design adaptations, users can quickly access updates and maps from their mobile devices.

All site site content received design and UX TLC –  From thoughtful interface queues to visual storytelling and unexpected Easter eggs, the site reflects the vibrance and uniqueness of the BLINK experience.

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