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Engaging Visitors

We are helping Akron Art Museum use technology to engage and educate their audiences in new and compelling ways.

We built Dot, a Chatbot that runs on mobile devices and takes visitors through a self-guided tour of the museum’s permanent collection. We helped create the content, developed the bot, and produced a video to help visitors learn to use it.

Our iPad-based With a Trace: Photographs of Absence is an experimental exhibition microsite optimized for use on tablets within the exhibition itself; the site uses the tablet's accelerometer to shift and move the content when the device is held and tilted.

Services Provided

  • Website Design + Development
  • CMS, CRM
  • Interpretive Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Chatbot
  • Maintenance + Tech Support

In front of each object, Dot provides tidbits about the artwork, the artist or the process involved in making the object, and then poses questions designed to get users talking...”

Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer

Engaging Visitors

We developed the bot and helped edit the content to give it a conversational and current tone. We also produced a kiosk video to help visitors learn to use Dot.

Engaging Visitors

With a Trace is a microsite that runs on tablets for use in situ within an exhibition. The site uses the tablet's accelerometer to shift and slide content when the device is tilted.

Engaging VisitorsEngaging Visitors