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Engaging Students

Adrian College is a liberal arts college in the United Methodist tradition committed to the pursuit of truth and dignity of all people. The school asked us to help increase applications and create an inspiring online presence that would engage prospective students. We combined thoughtful content strategy, information architecture, and visual design to build a memorable and easy-to-use website that guides users to inquire and apply.

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Services Provided

  • Content Strategy + Architecture
  • Website Design + Development
  • Customized CMS
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Maintenance + Tech Support

When visiting our website, the community now is greeted with beautiful, innovative and engaging content that is up to date, relevant and displays a “college of the future”.”


Our team began the project by guiding Adrian's stakeholders through our incisive Discovery process to determine goals, challenges, audiences, and metrics for success. Findings from this stage of the project informed our approach to the site strategy and design.

Our elegant site structure and clear visual design make it easy for visitors to quickly find content in a deep and complex site. 

Engaging Students

The thoughtful information design and navigation adapt seamlessly to mobile devices for an ideal user experience regardless of platform.

Our current and prospective students can now easily navigate what programs are available to find a program that best suits their needs.”


Strategic user interface design methods ensure that users continue to progress through the content toward a goal of inquiring or applying.

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