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Web Design Digital Marketing Branding + Graphic Design Digital Interactives

Digital Interactives

Engage your patrons wherever they are.

Don't let social distancing keep you from engaging your visitors. We create digital tools and use mobile technology to help retain, enlighten, and delight patrons – in person, and from afar.

For 15 years, our affordable digital interactives have helped museums and cultural institutions provide their patrons with meaningful experiences in-person and from afar.

Digital docents
Timed ticketing
Interpretive experiences
Gamified fundraising
Educational digital games
Voice-activated devices
Digital donor walls

Contact us below to learn how we can help engage your patrons, retain your members, and drive new revenue during the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.

Services Provided

  • Game Design
  • Chatbots
  • Mobile App Development
  • Touchscreen Interactives
  • Alexa Skill Development
  • Interpretive Design
  • Digital Ideation + Prototyping


We built a digital docent for Akron Art Museum that runs on their visitors' mobile devices. The docent, called "Dot," guides visitors through a choose-your-own-adventure style tour of the museum’s permanent collection. We helped create the content, developed the code, and produced a video to help visitors learn to use it.

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Web Design Digital Marketing Branding + Graphic Design Digital Interactives

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