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Digital Nonprofit Annual Reports

Most nonprofit organizations regularly create printed annual reports and strategic plans. But today, they're moving away from the printed format in favor of digital plans and reports.

Online interactive annual reports afford powerful storytelling opportunities that are hard to do on the printed page. Today, you can tell your story and demonstrate your impact in dynamic and powerful new ways – from testimonial videos and animated infographics to to landing page links and calls to give. What's more, digital annual reports can improve your SEO and expand your reach. Here are some examples:

1. PRX asked us to create a digital annual report that would amplify their mission, share their vision, and demonstrate the impact of their important work. We created an online report for PRX using non traditional navigation, animation, and clean design for an engaging experience reflective of PRX's position as a digital trailblazer.

2. University Circle asked us to create an engaging digital strategic plan to complement the printed annual report we designed for them as a part of a larger website redesign engagement.

3. Girls Who Code created a visually interesting one-page online report that showcases their content within a scrolling format with subtle animations.

4. The Water Project's online report uses large images to drive an emotive, storytelling approach.

Do you need help moving your annual report online? Connect with us here to learn more.

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