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Creating access to tech careers

FORM is proud to partner with Tech Elevator to support an annual Represent Tech scholarship for historically underrepresented groups in technology.

As a digital-first firm, we know that coding boot camps offer condensed, rigorous training that gives graduates the certifications and high-level skills needed to launch a career in the tech space. In fact, some of FORM's most talented web developers are graduates of Cleveland Tech Elevator.

Now, through the Represent Tech diversity scholarship, we are supporting a student in Tech Elevator Cleveland’s 14-week coding and career program to gain in-demand skills for a future in tech. We are committed to helping expand access to tech careers and aim to impact the professional trajectory of annual scholarship recipients. We’re thrilled to announce the summer 2021 Represent Tech coding cohort recipient, Theresa Ferguson. Congratulations, Theresa!

Learn more about the Represent Tech scholarship program.

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