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5 Email Automations to Increase Engagement

Email automations save time, optimize donor communications, and improve fundraising outcomes. Setting up automations will allow you to automatically send prepared emails based on trigger events, such as when a patron donates or purchases a ticket through your website.

Here are 5 email automations you should be using now:

  • Post-transaction emails. Every time a patron purchases a ticket, registers for an event, or donates, send them an automated email. Instead of just sending a receipt, include a compelling thank-you message and a clear call-to-action to further engage them.
  • Transaction-based tags. Consider setting up an automation for certain website transactions. The automation adds a specific tag to the patron profile in your email marketing platform. This tag enables you to quickly send targeted email campaigns to specific audiences based on their transactions, interests, and behaviors.
  • Onboarding sequence. Data show that the percentage of first-time donors has increased during the pandemic. Take this opportunity to set up a series of automated emails that will engage new donors and further familiarize them with your organization. This will increase the likelihood of future donations. For more about onboarding donors, check out this article.
  • Abandoned cart email. When patrons leave a donation or item in their shopping cart without completing the transaction, send an automated email to remind them to follow through.
  • Website submissions. If an email contains a link to fill out a form on your website, consider creating an automation that imports responses into your CRM patron records. This makes it easy to export lists of those who responded in a particular way.

Email automations can be an efficient way to increase the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts, but they can be complex to set up. If you could use a little help, contact us. We’re happy to lend a hand!

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