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4 Indicators that it’s time to “Job it Out”

It is tempting to assume you can cut down on expenses by DIY-ing your annual report, campaigns, or website. But sometimes this pennywise approach costs more and wastes time in the end. Here is how to know when you should recruit an outside team.

Indicator #1: Your “Urgent, Not Important" list is overflowing

The Eisenhower Matrix suggests we prioritize our to-dos using a simple "urgency/importance" chart. When your tasks in the "Urgent, Not Important" category are overflowing, it might be time to delegate to an outside agency. An agency can serve as an extension of your team, efficiently tackling those necessary but unimportant tasks – leaving you time to focus on things that are genuinely urgent and important.

Indicator #2: Procrastination

As a nonprofit marketer, you are a do-er, a wearer of many hats, and a productivity tornado – But, when you find yourself procrastinating or moving slowly on a project, it is likely because it requires skills that are not in your wheelhouse. Rather than spending your time learning InDesign or HTML, recognize when you should recruit an expert to take the project off your plate. You will be a hero to your boss and staff for getting the task done fast and done right.

Indicator #3: Time is running out

If you are launching a major fundraising campaign or event, the sooner you start promoting it, the sooner the revenue starts to flow. So, even if you have the skills in-house to market your campaigns, you might enjoy increased revenue and a faster return if you delegate the promotional side of your task list to an outside firm.

Indicator #4: The thought of having help gives you a big sigh of relief

Do not underestimate the power of knowing you have a reliable support team to back you up. Recruiting an outside firm can free up the brain space you need to finally tackle the big-picture projects where your expertise is of the most value.

"Jobbing it out” can be a worthy investment if you select the right tasks to delegate and have the right firm to help. When vetting an agency, choose one that can fulfill multiple items on your list; in time, an outside firm can become an at-the-ready extension of your marketing team.

Are you thinking about jobbing something out? FORM is a trusted partner to dozens of nonprofits, helping with everything from digital marketing to print design and web development. Read more about our background and capabilities here.

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