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Timed Ticketing in Less than a Day

The Cleveland Zoological Society recently asked FORM to create a timed ticketing system for a last-minute fundraising event – and it had to be up and running within a matter of hours.

The Event

The Cleveland Metoparks Zoo needed to pivot quickly during social distancing to find new ways to serve their members and keep visitors – and revenue – coming in. In just days, the Zoo had invented "Cruise the Zoo," a fundraising event in which members could visit the Zoo from the safety of their vehicles. But the success of the event relied on selling timed ticketing online.

The Rollout

CZS asked our team to help and within 12 hours, we had built and deployed a custom, timed ticketing system for members of the Zoological Society. Upon launch, hundreds of members simultaneously purchased tickets, and new orders arrived every few seconds. Our team anticipated heavy demand and fortified servers and code to run flawlessly throughout the sale.

The Results

Within three days, more than half of the available timed-tickets had sold out, and nearly 20% of the orders included an additional supporting donation, resulting in an 8% increase in revenue. We were thrilled that our years as a trusted tech partner with CZS made it possible to help them quickly roll out the event.

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