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Museum Tours By Chatbot

As museums reopen across the country, many are considering new ways to engage visitors in a socially distanced way. In lieu of docent-led group tours, chatbot can help visitors explore your museum's collection with the guidance of a smartphone-based tour guide.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is software that can converse with someone online on a website or social media. Chatbots can also answer questions or provide information based on the user's queries which is why many brands use them for customer support. Chatbots can be deployed via a web browser, social media platform such as Facebook, or text messaging.

Case Study: Dot

Rather than create a run-of-the-mill tour where all visitors follow the same path around the galleries, we helped Akron Art Museum come up with a more engaging experience using a Facebook chatbot. Dot takes visitors through the museum's permanent collection where visitors design their own tour by choosing what they are interested in seeing next.

At each stop on the tour, Dot gives visitors fun opportunities to explore the artwork and also provides discussion prompts to encourage visitors to engage with others in their group. Once the discussion is complete, Dot will ask a question to determine where to guide you next.

Dot's tone is conversational and she isn't afraid to use animated gifs, emoji, or vernacular phrases.

"She's smart, she's sassy, and she uses get you talking with your friends about art and life and the connections between the two." – Steven Litt, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Key Takeaways

1. Increase Active Engagement

Allow visitors to choose their next destination and provide discussion prompts to increse active engagement during the tour.

2. Combine Education and Entertainment

Eliminate jargon and provide educational information about the artworks in a fun way.

3. Utilize Familiar Technology

Most visitors will have their own smartphone so be sure to provide clear and simple instructions on how to access the chatbot.

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