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5 Steps To Decide Which Virtual Programs To Keep

Many nonprofits have seen expanded engagement through virtual programming that compliments in-person experiences. You may be trying to decide which of those virtual programs to continue in the future. Read on for five steps to help identify the programs your organization should consider keeping.

1. Look At Your Data

What was the engagement for each program?

Gather data from all applicable sources such as social media, Google Analytics, and sign-ups to have a complete picture of how many people engaged with each program.

2. Identify Your Metrics for Success

Which programs show promise?

Once you have all of your data at hand, determine what metrics indicate if the program was successful. This could be the number of participants, how many times content was accessed, or the amount of downloads of your resources.

3. Determine Future Investment

Is the program sustainable with current staff/budget concurrent to in-person programs?

Take an honest look at how much staff time and hard costs the virtual programs will incur on an ongoing basis in addition to your in-person activities. Decide if those costs are do-able for your organization.

4. Identify Opportunities for Upgrades

What improvements to the program or delivery should be made to make it permanent?

If the virtual progam was deployed quickly to respond to the situation, there may be an opportunity to upgrade the experience. This may be a software solution or simply making edits to the content in order to make it more effective.

5. Create Your Communications Strategy

How will you incorporate the program into your communications strategy?

In order for your patrons to participate, you'll need to communicate about the program regularly. Integrate relevant information about the program on all of your communications channels.

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