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3 Must-View Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is an important tool to gauge the efficacy of your website. Here are the three reports you should look at often, even if you have limited time.

1. Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

This report will show you basic information about each page on your site, including the number of times each page was viewed, how much time people spend on each page, and how they arrived there.

Taking a close look at the pages that are not frequently viewed is important as well. Is there a page on which your organization places high importance but is not accessed as much as you'd like? You will have a starting point to determine how to drive more traffic to that page.

2. Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium

Here you can see how people are finding your site. Most organizations will see the leaders as organic search and direct traffic, but you will also see other sources such as social media and email.

Looking one step further at how those sources fare in terms of users and pageviews gives you additional knowledge about how people are using your site.

3. Audience > Users > Overview

If you are looking for a quick overview of who is visiting your site, this is the report to view. You'll find information about new and returning users, geography, and mobile traffic.

Even if you have just a few minutes, it is worth checking in with these reports to make sure you website is performing well and visitors are accessing your most important content.

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