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4 Communications Tips for Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, you may be wondering about the best way to keep connected with your donors while being sensitive to the mood.

Here are some things to remember when communicating with donors during any critical time:

1. Show how you are helping.

Share a few key stories of your nonprofit’s impact in the community during this time of crisis. Position your organization as either a source of information, fulfilling a need, or both. If your organization does not have a direct impact on the crisis at hand, there are many other ways to keep your donors engaged. For example, highlight the work of a partner organization or share general messages of hope from your leadership.

2. Target your most engaged supporters.

Donors who have a deep history of support for your organization are most likely to read your communications during critical times. If you are asking for support, financial or otherwise, this is the group to target. This strategy may also work with highly engaged donors who donated last year, but not this year (LYBUNTs).

3. Be authentic.

Making authentic connections with your donors is key to a successful campaign. Now is not the time for emails full of jargon and "org speak." Keep your communications simple, straightforward, and transparent. Show what your organization is doing and what it needs to continue fulfilling its mission. This will strengthen your relationships with donors and yield results.

4. Streamline the donor experience.

In addition to being clear about the support you need, be sure to provide a simple and easy way to make a contribution. Your online donation process should be optimized so that it is simple and quick to donate. Make sure it works on mobile devices. Create landing pages on your website where people can quickly access the resources they need in as few clicks as possible without distraction.

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