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“Good Work” Round-Up

Organizations around the U.S. are pushing through the Covid-19 crisis by finding innovative ways to continue to serve their patrons and missions. The following groups are deploying strategies that empower them to continue doing good work, even as we shelter in place.

Wadsworth Public Library is reaching the community, even when closed.

Wadsworth Public Library is leveraging the expertise of its staff to provide remote content while the physical Library is closed for social distancing. The Library has modified its website to offer content for all ages, from how to leash train your cat to home improvement projects to musical storytime.

City Club of Cleveland is engaging patrons in virtual forums.

What do you do when your weekly forums are suddenly delivered to an empty hall? You pivot to an entirely virtual format. That's exactly what champions of free speech The City Club of Cleveland did within just days of a statewide shutdown. The group moved their usually packed forums to a virtual live feed, which simultaneously streams through their website. A live Twitter feed further enhances the sense of engagement and civic dialogue. Despite the circumstances imposed by social distancing, this group continues to find new ways to fulfill its mission.

Florida Repertory Theater is raising money – even in the face of an empty theater.

Instead of canceling their annual fundraising gala, Florida Repertory Theater shifted to an entirely virtual format. What's amazing? They still met their original fundraising goal. Thanks to the hard work of their savvy marketing team, on-staff video producer, and loads of in-house talent, the Theater created a memorable virtual experience complete with performances, authentic testimonials, and clear calls-to-action. Donors were given multiple ways to show their support – and they certainly did. Bravo!

is fostering connections from a distance.

A small but powerful force among Cleveland's community development corporations, LakewoodAlive is organizing weekly social media campaigns aimed at giving its residents community-wide activities that demonstrate, "we're all in this together." From Light the Lakewood Night to front porch sing-alongs, they are finding ways to keep the community united and help foster joy.

Jewish Federation of Cleveland is recruiting "virtual volunteers."

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland is organizing virtual volunteers to assist others in the community who are in need of their kindness, skills and caring. The Federation's website makes it easy for volunteers to offer their help through a simple online form.

We'll keep sharing more good work as we see it. Drop us a line through our contact form if you've encountered a noteworthy idea that should be recognized!

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