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Keeping In Touch With Patrons When You're Closed

Your organization is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How can you keep in touch with your patrons?

1. Provide activities that can be done at home.

There are a wealth of activities for people of all ages that can bring your organization right into patrons' homes. Head over to Pinterest and YouTube for everything from educational videos to downloadable project worksheets and then share them via email and social media.

2. Share updates of your organization's impact.

Organizations on the front lines have lots of stories to tell about the impact they are having in the community. Share them on social media and email to showcase how you are helping in this uncertain time.

3. Create a reading or podcast list related to your mission.

Many patrons might be looking for ways to pass the time while sequesterd at home. Creating a list of books or podcasts that are related to your mission or feature stories about work like that of your organization is a great way to provide a resource that is relevant and entertaining.

4. Keep patrons in the loop through authentic communications.

Keeping your patrons apprised of rescheduled events or resuming normal operations is key to maintaining trust among your supporters. Keep them updated through open and honest communciations about what is going on.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list but hopefully, it inspires you to discover ways your organization can communicate effectively during this time.

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