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3 Automated Emails Your Museum Should Be Sending

Automation functionality is widely available with most email software (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) and will save your team lots of time.

1. After a Visit

The perfect time to send a patron a follow-up email is after they have visited or attended an event. Patrons are more likely to engage with your content when you are fresh in their mind.

Surveys are a popular post-attendance way to gather feedback. But you can also prompt visitors to share photos of their experience on social media using your hashtag. Provide a discount or other incentive for their next visit or offer a simple "thank you."

2. Membership Renewals

Automating membership or subscription renewal reminders will save your team tons of time. It will also provide timely communications to your patrons, especially if your renewal dates occur on a rolling basis.

Try sending a notice a couple of weeks before the expiration date, then again on the exact date, and then one after it has lapsed – all with a call-to-action to renew.

3. Lapsed Visitors

Sending an email to visitors who haven't visited your museum recently is a great way to re-engage with them. You can highlight what's new, promote events, or offer an incentive to come back, such as a discount. Make sure the messaging is concise and compelling, with clear calls to action.

Determining the timing is up to you, but usually, 4-6 months after the last visit works well.

Would you like more ideas on how you can use automated emails for your organization? Connect with us and we’ll be happy to chat.

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