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Google's Event Ticket Seller Certification

If you sell tickets to events and run Google Ads, you should know about Google's Event Ticket Seller Certification.

Google has implemented a certification in order to run ads for events designed to protect consumers from unscrupulous third-party ticket sellers. The certification has been in the works for several years and Google is now enforcing it.

Google says:

Businesses that sell event tickets are allowed to advertise through Google Ads, but they must first be certified by Google. This certification is required for all ad formats and extensions.
If you are a reseller or secondary market for event tickets, you need to be certified.This includes businesses that sell tickets both as a primary provider and a reseller.
Aggregators of event tickets, auction sites, and marketplaces that allow ticket resale are also required to be certified.

The process is simple and you can read more here or go straight to the certification form here. Certification typically takes a week or so after the application is submitted.

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