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Before you run a Facebook ad...

A Facebook ad campaign is only as good as the landing page it leads to.

Let's say you're running the best Facebook campaign ever in the history of the internet. All of your posts have engaging copy, compelling imagery, are optimized into the best format, and your targeting is on point. But what happens when people click on your call-to-action?

Here are ways to create a landing page that makes people want to act:

• Make sure your landing page continues the story you started on Facebook.

Each time a prospective patron interacts with your content, it is just one step on a journey in which you are their guide. Your landing page messaging should be a contuation of the initial post.

• Is the text easy to read?

People read website content in an "f pattern". So, your landing page text should presented in a way that makes it easy for people to discerb the most important information. Don't create a wall of text, either. Landing page text should contain a visual mix of headings with short paragraphs of body text to guide the eye down the page.

• Make sure it easy to donate or puchase tickets.

When people arrive at your landing page, is there a prominently placed "Give" or "Buy" button? Make it as easy as possible for your patrons to complete this transaction.

• If promoting an event, make sure it is clear where and when the event is happening.

It seems obvious, but it's easy to overlook: make sure the date, time, and location of your event is easy to find. While you're at it, add a link to Google Maps and parking information if applicable. Try to anticipate questions people may have and answer them before they ask.

So, before you click "Publish" on a Facebook promoted post, take a few minutes to make your landing page the best it can be.

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