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Join us at the Arts Impact Ohio Conference

We want to help you take your social media strategy to the next level. Join us at the Arts Impact Ohio conference in Columbus.

On December 6, we'll lead a session all about social media called "Like, Subscribe, Follow: Next Level Strategy for Social Media Mastery."

This session will equip you with strategies and methodology on how to best utilize social media to engage current and future patrons. You'll learn how to achieve the highest return and how to track the results.

This session will focus on a tactical approach for organizations of all budget sizes and you will walk away with actionable knowledge about:

  • Identifying Target Audiences
  • Post Structure Best Practices
  • Creating Compelling Messaging
  • Successful Advertising Strategies

Learn more about the conference and register -->

Is your organzation looking for a new social media strategy? Connect with us and we'd love to learn how we can help!

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