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Digital Nonprofit Annual Reports

Most nonprofit organizations create a yearly annual report. Usually, these are multi-page print documents that are chock-full of narrative, photos, and stats.

But with the ability to create digital annual reports, nonprofits are moving away from print. Digital annual reports afford the opportunity to share their story with everyone in their community and worldwide through just the click of a link.

We've compiled a few examples of digital annual reports we love for your enjoyment and inspiration:

1. Americans for the Arts (2016)

Americans for the Arts used a paginated format (much like a printed annual report) with the addition of engaging interactive elements.

2. Girls Who Code (2017)

Girls Who Code created a visually interesting long scrolling page that showcases their growth and impact.

3. The Water Project (2016)

The Water Project focuses on large images to drive the storytelling.

Don't have the budget for a full annual report on the web?

If your budget does not allow for an immersive digital annual report, consider creating a beautiful landing page on your website where people can download the PDF version of your printed report. And most importantly, don't forget to use your communication channels like social media and email to drive traffic to your landing page so your patrons will see the great work your organization is doing.

For help creating your digital annual report, connect with us via email or schedule a call on our calendar.

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