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Create a PR Plan with FORM and the PRSA

We are super excited to join the PRSA Cleveland for their Nonprofit PR Learning Series! FORMies David Walker and Ceci Dadisman will be presenting about how to make a PR plan.

Here are the event details:

About The Series

Learn from senior strategists how to develop a PR Plan that increases awareness and builds relationships for growth and positive impact. A five-week series for communications professionals and volunteers at nonprofit organizations.

In five weeks, assisted by senior practitioners, learn how to develop and implement an effective public relations plan tailored for your organization’s needs and budget. Connect with experienced communicators who will walk you through how to put into practice the things you learn.

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About The Session

It All Starts with a Plan
Wednesday, September 20, 4-6 p.m.
Presented by David Walker and Ceci Dadisman, FORM and Bob Rotatori, Rotatori Consulting

  • Learn how to create a PR plan that maxmizes exposure through integrated communications.
  • Create messaging that is impactful and compelling.
  • Leverage social media and digital marketing to make your message go further.

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